Queen of Coney Island

Spring has sprung! It’s a warm and sunny Sunday and after a long, dreary winter Coney Island finally opened its doors to the public today! Luccas told us that there were gonna be a lot of freebies to celebrate this inaugural opening day, so off we went to enjoy the Sun, Sand, Sea and the spur of adrenaline rush.

Coney Island is an island an hour away from Manhattan. It’s said to be where the Jewish and Russian neighborhoods are, with a lovely theme park by the beach. #neighborhoodgoalsaf

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetIMG_4831IMG_4829

We had lunch at Wahlburger, a burger chain owned by the wahl. It was alright. I still love me my Shack Stack.

Coney Island Walls, basically providing endless Instagram background for ya basic baes. Of course, we couldn’t help but join the fun.


We wanted to go to the pier to watch the sunset but the weather forecast had fooled us into thinking that it was gonna be a sunny day. It was – but it was cold and windy af. We didn’t make the trip there and watched the sunset from the subway instead. The sky was a beautiful gradation of orange, pink and blue – too bad the cold killed all our phones.

We went to Julia’s NYU residence to hang out afterwards. It’s so funny here in the US how they can only start drinking at 21 and with kids entering college at 18, that leaves a majority of them being on the illegal age of drinking, or at least purchasing drinks. Which is funny because a lot of worse things are a lot more accessible than that to these kids. Needless to say t’was a fun night.

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