NOC NYC Living Expense

Someone asked me about how much my cost of living in New York is.

$1,500 net after-tax income

Rent + wifi + utilities: $680
Phone Bill: $40
Transport: $120
– $840 fixed monthly expense

= $660 remaining to spend a month
~ $22 daily, $150 allowance for food, coffee and life

Mika and I cook and share our groceries. On average we spend $50 a week for eggs, milk, bread, meat, fruits and vegetables at Trader Joe’s. I brought premium coffee beans from Indonesia. I grind and brew my own coffee, saving me lots of money that would’ve gone into Starbucks’ cash register. So we have $100 remaining weekly for shopping, entertainment and eating out.

This is how living on minimum wage feels like, and it’s not bad at all.

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