Moving to Manhattan

The day is finally here! i wasn’t done packing when I left the house yesterday for work. I ended up staying at Fania’s hotel room last night because the weather was so bad, I decided it wasn’t worth the trip back to my dusty, halfway packed room. I spent all morning packing and dismantling my furnitures. I shifted all my stuff to the living room and here’s what I’ve hoarded within the 3 months that I stayed in NYC:


me thinking of how I’m gonna move all this:


I brought only my essentials to my new place by lyft because Mika’s uncle was going to come to help move everything else the next day. I’m SO happy for that because I realized that I have A HELL LOT OF THINGS that I definitely can’t move on my own. And I definitely don’t want to spend money on a mover. Also, the amount of stuff that I had was worrying. I don’t know how we’re gonna be able to fit everything in Mika’s uncle’s car, regardless how big it is.

But we did.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a photo of it, but Mika’s uncle managed to fit EVERY SINGLE THING. My whole damn life in NYC in an SUV. That’s quite a feat – I’m still amazed and amused.

We finally finished moving and we celebrated our first day of staying together with dinner at Fukuhama ^^

What a happy day. To the happier days ahead *

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