TGIF 420

It’s Friday!! The day when the hustle slows and life kicks back in to the lifeless souls of the working class (me). Also, my Ultra Miami ticket came in the mail! My boss brought it to my desk and well this was the only thing that I got delivered to the office. Mustered up the courage and finally asked my boss about my leave for Ultra and he said yes!!!! Wheeeeee it’s finalized and Miami here I come~


Mika, Scott and I decided that Thursday/Friday be our happy hour day since Alley stopped organizing one. We’d planned to get this matcha mochi bun thing from 50th Street, but were too hungry to wait fo dat shit and shared my leftover bibimbap lunch. Scott had an awesome idea about opening a -gasm restaurant where the sole marketing effort will be instagram photos of patrons doing the this is x-gasmic face, as such:

IMG_3451 IMG_3452

We played tourist, had the most delicious Thai dinner and had the most diabetes-inducing DIY donut ice cream. We went to hudson hotel and explored the 3 awesome themed bars there, but decided that it was too early to go dancing. We checked out Tao – a super exquisite restaurant+club. This amazing place had a cinematic feel with steps and tables on the steps, with a gigantic Buddha facing the steps (this has been hard to describe, see photo). Somehow we felt like chilling and went over to Scott’s place at the Meatpacking district. Sam had the coolest vape (which was super pretty and apparently a product of some SV start-up) and we all smoked til we knocked out on Scott’s couch.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset IMG_3442IMG_3444IMG_3455IMG_3461IMG_3465IMG_3466

The next morning we went to get Shakshuka for breakfast at the Chelsea market. It’s apparently one of the hottest brunch food in NYC. It’s an Israeli dish made up of eggs on a bed of tomato and pepper stew. Mika and I shared that and a beef hummus.


Afterwards the Indian babe and I went to Stage 49 for the Holi in the city party! It was SO much fun ps. I’d never seen so many good looking Indians gathered in a place before, it was pretty damn refreshing.


After the party we headed for Alley and did our group project meeting on skype, after which I went to Rosemont at Williamsburg to party with Cadence and meet her ultra Miami bunch. They’re the wild ones and I foresee Ultra will be ratchet af.

Life is SO good right now apart from my house issue. But I’m a firm believer in ying and yang that is, for something good to happen, something bad has to happen too. Thank god for the bad that goes on in my life for I can handle them still. And for the good in my life, mostly the loved ones I have around me, for they’re invaluable beyond mishaps can muddle, beyond words can describe.

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