New York Diary #?

I could barely sleep last night. What went down in my house yesterday was pretty damn unbelievable lol fucking mental piece of shit can’t believe I’m living with someone like that.

As much as I hate the thought of having to go through the hassle of moving out, I feel like it’ll be best for my mental health to stay away from a psycho who thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to scream at others. China really has a different standard of normal and I should’ve listened to Lyn who was hell bent on me finding new roommates upon hearing that my 2 housemates were from China. By then it was almost too late and I was overtly optimistic. Now I get her.

Happier things – someone from JFK called Cadence on Friday saying that my PINK luggage came! I was super excited but worried because my luggage ain’t pink? Nonetheless I made a trip to JFK for the third consecutive Monday morning, and guess what – when I reached the Swissport baggage service, the woman who helped me last week told me that she hasn’t heard about my luggage. My heart sank, and as I walked out of the room…


I was BEYOND OVERJOYED. No word could express my relief and contentment at the sight of my long lost luggage. I almost thought I’d never see it again, which is totally possible by the look of the millions of unattended luggage I’ve seen in the airport.

*insert snap*

I went to NYU with my luggage looking like I totally just came back from a trip. The z virus hit and I slept throughout the second half of the lecture LOL.BUT I stayed up for the first and most important part of it which  was part of the homework, so I knew what to write.

I dropped my luggage at Alley and was headed to Hell’s Kitchen to check out an apartment I’m likely to rent out. Well well well… It’s $1.2k and I’d be totally fine with it if not for the landlord who’s asking for a 6 month deposit (I’m always scared to put such deposit in case they pull off a stunt and not return it to me – $7.2k is a lot of money to lose).

Bought dunkin donut’s sweet and salty cold brewed coffee (special request with very little sugar) since I missed my daily dose of homemade cold brew. It was fantastic! They use real good beans which is refreshing given the shitty coffee bean that Alley’s coffee machine has.

Came to work afterwards and Mika texted me “I’m cosplaying you today.”

Photo on 06-03-17 at 17.23.jpg Photo on 06-03-17 at 17.23 #2.jpg

BITCHES BE TWINNING ❤ We both worked at the common area sitting side by side, Macbook Pro propped up on our laps. Everyone who walked past practically told us we look exactly the same. This girl’s such a bundle of joy. We’ve only known each other for a month and we’re BFF already – it doesn’t take long for 2 people to know if they’re fated to be that and I’m SO glad to have found her. Love you mika hope we can find a room together it’d be SO awesome ❤

Went back to the shack and badai decided to be a nosy piece of shit. consulted with the girls about the situation and decided to go back to my house anyway since I needed to grab my gym outfit for tomorrow. Had a gr8 catch up with Pris. Fun fact we’re housemates but we barely see each other (we’re both always out and about and not together) and she seemed SO sad about me leaving, I felt terrible. I didn’t know me leaving would affect her so much given our acquaintancey relationship, but we bonded over small girl and shopping talks yesterday. I feel bad for leaving, but even worse to have to stay :<

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